Wales in Flaschen

Wales in a Bottle

By kann man sich ein Sück Wales in kleine Flaschen füllen und zuschicken lassen:

Everyones memory of Wales may be different. You may have been brought up in North or South, Mid or West Wales. Coast, Countryside or City. Whatever your memory, if it fits in a bottle we’ll send it to you. Slate, Stone, Sand or Water are just a few ideas which will remind you of your birthplace, school, farm or the place you were brought up.

Die Basis-Variante besteht aus einer Flasche mit walisischer Luft, inklusive Echtheitszertifikat (ca. 35 Euro). Bei der Luxusversion kann man selbst bestimmen, was in der Flasche sein soll:

Whatever your request, from the ordinary to the bizarre, we will quote for your
personalised product. Whether it’s dust from the doormat of the house you were
born or water from the village pond.

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