Besitzer einer Suchmaschine werden


Wer schon immer davon geträumt hat, Besitzer einer innovativen Suchmaschine zu sein, kann sich diesen Traum jetzt bei eBay erfüllen. Dort kann man die Meta-Suchmaschine jux2 ersteigern. jux2 vergleicht Suchergebnisse der bekannten Suchmaschinen (Ask Jeeves, Google, MSN, and Yahoo):

We started jux2 in our spare time as a research tool to answer questions we had about search. jux2 succeeded both as a research tool (generating thousands of searches per day and providing rich data that answered our questions) and with the search cognoscenti. We felt honored to receive critical acclaim and favorable reviews from many power searchers. To do justice to the opportunity ahead of jux2 would take more time than any of us has right now. So, we’re hoping this auction will put jux2 into the hands of someone who can take it to the next level.

Der aktuelle Preis liegt bei etwa $1500.

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