Uncyclopedia ist sowas wie Wikipedia, allerdings sind die Artikel durchweg Nonsens, in einem Stil, der bisweilen hitchhikeresque daherkommt. So muss man etwa über Litauen lesen:

First of all, everything you might know about Lithuania is wrong. Including this notice. It’s that kind of country.
Furthermore, don’t even try to try to understand Lithuania without a beer or two resting safely in your stomach (or, preferably, looking for a way out). The local brand Svyturys is fine for this purpose, “bambalis” (a big plastic bottle of cheap beer) is even better.
Lithuania is located next to Estonia, Latvia and sometimes Turkey and Japan (this largely depends on count of “bambalis” the observer has had). The country is currently enjoying the benefits of the European Union – in other words, being able to relocate to Great Britain, Ireland, Spain and other EU countries.

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  1. Eine deutsche Variante ist die Kamelopedia. Sehr zu empfehlen: der Mercedesspargel

  2. danke, die kannte ich noch nicht ;-)