Tragbare Text-Adventures

Interactive Fiction ist ungefähr das, was man früher, als es noch Homecomputer gab, unter dem Begriff Text Adventure verstanden hat. Ein Artikel auf PalmSource beschreibt, was man benötigt, um solche Spiele (oder sollte ich Kunst sagen?) auf einem Palm ausführen zu können.

In today’s world of 3D acceleration and multi-gigahertz processors, interactive fiction is no longer a major business. But as an art form it lives on, and is still being improved by a subculture of people on the web. Numerous new interactive fiction stories are being written, and there’s a contest every year to pick the best ones. The titles range from puzzles that happen to be wrapped in words, to novels that happen to have some interactivity built into them. The best are a strange mix of both.

Here’s how you can get started with interactive fiction on your Palm Powered handheld. But beware — some of these titles are addictive, and others are wickedly tricky. You may find yourself spending a lot more time with them than you expect. Zum Artikel

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